Why is a great website so important?


  • Your website is often your customer’s first impression of you
  • As the economy tightens, it becomes increasingly important to attract new business and retain existing customers
  • Your competition has a website
  • Customers and clients expect to find your business online

Make it easy for customers to find you.

If your website does not display in search results, someone else’s will.

What should a website accomplish?

Capture the customer’s attention

Gone are the days of checking the phone book. It is much more common for people to simply do an online search for a business.  Once the website is found, the customer can get information about the business, hours of operation, and a map to the location
all at the tip of their fingers.

Consumers start the purchase process by doing research online. Your website may be their first impression of your business.

What other types of web presence is needed?

  • A Facebook Company Page – Learn more about Facebook company pages here.
  • An optimized Google Places listing – Learn more about Google Places listings here.
  • A Twitter account with regular postings
  • A YouTube channel
  • A Google Plus page

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