Social Media Optimization

Why use Social Media?

Does the name of your business come up on page one of Google?  How far down the page?  What other businesses show up on the page?  If 12 results are shown on page one, why not try to take all 12 of those spots?  The way to do this is by using all the social media tools available, and by providing steady, quality content.

Social Media Optimization

Setting up and using social media properly will result in increased search engine rankings for your brand.  The effect is real and it is fast.  A website alone is not enough any more.  We must compete on all levels.  The more of these tools that you use the more spots you can take on the search engine results page. 

It is, however, important to use these tools in a way that best takes advantage of their benefits, most importantly, boosting your brand / business in the search engine results.  SEO (search engine optimization) is so important to both online and brick and mortar businesses.  More and more people start the buying process with an online search, for anything from an ironing board to a haircut to that night’s happy hour or dinner out.  Each of the media tools can be specially optimized to produce the results you desire.

Here are a few of the tools:

Facebook Fan Page: 

  • With custom landing pages and mini-websites displayed right in the page 
  • Daily engagement using posting updates, events, contests, giveaways and open conversations
  • The best Fan Pages give their viewers a reason to come back often, and to pass along the updates to their friends –  think “viral”

Google Places Listing: 

  • Verified and fully developed to describe all aspects of your company
  • Maintained with regular updates of your new offerings, events or specials
  • Optimized for maximum search engine results
  • You can have a Google Places listing even if you don’t have a brick and mortar place of business

Twitter account: 

  • Branded for your company
  • Maintained on a daily basis with relevant content that followers want to see and pass along to their followers

YouTube Channel: 

  • Branded with your colors and logo
  • Maintained regularly with new video containing content that your subscribers are interested in and will pass along to their friends
  • Increase the benefit by embedding these videos in your website, blog, and Fan Page

Blog Posting:

Whether your website is a WordPress site or you have a separate WordPress blog, every time you post an article it is sent out to all the update services (providing you have your settings configured to do this).  There are other free plugins that will notify the search engines whenever you add a new post.  Automatic notification to all the search engines – how great is that?


What type of business do you have?  Your company may benefit from having an optimized profile and regular posting on LinkedIn.  Companies with B2B (business to business) products are well suited to using LinkedIn to keep in contact with the clients who will use their product or services.

Google Plus:

Google Plus now has company pages!  Do you have a Google Plus account yet?

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