Authorship Markup has become the necessity of online marketing

Providing Google with information regarding how to identify your content is always a good thing. If done properly the rewards can be great. This helps your content to display in search results, and makes your results on the search page really stand out. This is done by using authorship markup.

The Benefits

Once Google detects your correctly identified content, it can:

  • Show Profile information in search results
  • Your picture beside the search listing
  • A Link to your Google Plus Profile
  • An expanded listing about you on the right side of the page
  • Links to other content you’ve created
    • This displays a Google Search results page listing all content you’ve successfully identified as yours, a larger picture of you, information from your “About” tab, and your contact information.

On your Google Plus Profile, your +1 tab will automatically show your identified content.

Authorship markup Google results listing

Adding Credibility

Adding authorship markup adds a layer of confirmation that your content was written by you and should be highlighted in search results. Having your picture show up beside the search result adds credibility and increases the likelihood that a visitor will click on your links as opposed to other links without pictures and additional information about the author.

According to Google: Authorship markup is used for the “display of author information in search results to help users discover great content”.

Author profile example as shown in Google results sidebarWhen a website visitor is searching for content they are generally presented with a list of search results that primarily consist of text only. When a listing appears with a picture of the author, and a link to more articles by the same author, it immediately appears more trustworthy and authentic. We think that’s something to strive for. It takes a bit of work to create the markup and add quality content. It’s well worth it to see the results.

Do remember: Google does not guarantee that everyone will have the same results. Consistently adding good, useful content and following the markup rules is essential.