Google Tag Manager helps you market your website faster and smarter

Did you ever want to switch up your marketing a bit, or track conversions on a new product, but felt it would be time consuming to edit the code on your website or cost additional money to employ an outside contractor to make the changes?

With Google Tag Manager, you can add or edit these website tags on your own, without having to call up your website developer.

Marketing Strategies

Tags are a great way to get traffic and visitor behavior statistics, and test new marketing and targeting strategies.  However, it is not always easy to implement.  If done incorrectly, it can cause your site to load slowly or even break your site, especially when you are using multiple types of analytics and statistics tracking tools.

Now there is a free tool to help consolidate your efforts.  You can access it logging into your Google account.  Then go to to get started.

Create an account for your company, and then create a container.  The code snippet is automatically created.  This code should then be pasted into each page of your site.  That’s all that has to be coded directly into the site.

Now, return to your Google Tag Manager page and begin to add your tags.  You can add any type you like, from Adwords conversion tracking to remarketing to custom html or image tags.  You can also set up rules so that certain tags only fire on specific pages, such as a Thank You page.  The greatest thing is that you can change it up anytime you like.

Another great way to use tags is by incorporating your Google Analytics.  You can see an overview in the video below.

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